Good Directions Kent Cupola 84 inches x 113 inches

It’s the perfect complement to your home or two-car garage. Our expertly crafted Kent is a high quality cupola constructed and shipped from the USA

Learn more about choosing the correct cupola size and quantity!

Good Directions Cupolas

Good directions offers many different cupolas for all types and styles of buildings.  When you shop for a cupola remember to think about the size you will need and the style you want.  Size is typically chosen by the size of barn or structure that the cupola is going to be mounted to.  Style is up to the purchasers taste and often is chosen in order to match a property theme.

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How to choose the right size of cupola for your building

The process of installing a cupola does not include cutting any holes into the roof of the existing structure.  A cupola can be added easily to your home or an out building to add a completely different look and feel to your property.  A weathervane is the perfect addition to the tops of your newly installed cupola.   The size of a cupola refers specifically to the length of the bottom of the cupola roof.

How to choose the right size of cupola for your home:

When selecting a size a cupola there should be 1.5″ of cupola for every foot of roofline.

Example:  20 feet of roof line x 1.5”, equals a cupola size of 30″ square.  If the cupola is too small or to large it will give an imbalanced look to the building.Example:  if you have 15 feet of unbroken roof line, take 15 x 1.5″  (cupola should be 22″ square or larger)

All cupolas we offer are built to easily attach a weathervane to the top.   All cupolas are made to fit up to a normal 10/12 pitch

Our cupolas are build to the highest industry standards for quality and product options.  We offer only products from the leading cupolas manufacturers.




If the above calculations tell you that a cupola greater than 60″ is needed, we suggest using two cupolas.  When installing two cupolas a good rule of thumb is to use 1″ of cupola for every foot of unbroken roof line.  (24 feet of unbroken roof line = 24″ square)


 How to Shop for Cupolas on

When you are looking at a Cupola, there are three options sets on

  1. do you want a screen against the louvers of your Cupola?  Of course not if you don’t want a louvered Cupola but if you are then the screen protects against bugs accessing your building. 
  2.  What size? Different cupola designs come in different sizes, select the dimensional size of the cupola that you need.
  3. Select the pitch of your roof.  This one is important, if you don’t know how steep your roof is (the pitch) then you will certainly want to find out.  Most roof’s are 10/12 (very common) or less but some very steep roofs are 12/12 or even 14/12

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